Ready ... Set ... You're a Successful Matchmaker

We get you running your own profitable business as a certified matchmaker in just 4 weeks!

A matchmaker's job is to introduce people together and help them find their soul mate. Women have been doing it for centuries, matching together men and women they know. Matchmakers today can make over $100,000 a year, getting paid $5,000 and more to match clients with someone they know who is a good fit. In the current age of social networks, where we have hundreds of friends and followers, it is easy to match a person with someone we know in our network based on their personalities. We create happy couples and get paid for it. It's the ideal business!

Most matchmakers tend to work as employees for agencies because they don't have the resources to setup an independent business, and they don't have the skills needed to brand and market themselves. The result is that the agencies get almost all the money from the clients, and the matchmakers receive only a small commission. The Pink Academy wants to change that by giving the women training and resources they need to setup their own successful business.

Other programs offer you only training and certification. We go many steps beyond that. We not only to teach you how to be an effective matchmaker, but also get you the funds you need to get started and the business tools you need to succeed. By the time you are done in 4 weeks, you will have the knowledge and the business ready to go. Furthermore, the training we offer is not old-fashioned classroom learning where you are given books to read and then you have to pass an exam. Our training consists of real-life assignments which you have to prepare for and complete, giving you the hands-on skills to become a successful matchmaker.

The value you receive from The Pink Academy is worth around $1,500 for training and certification, $3,000 for business and marketing tools (including a professional-grade website), and at least $1,000 spending money you can use as startup funding or any other way you like. All this and you never pay a cent because it is subsidized and paid for by sponsors.

The program is 4 weeks long and we guide you through it every step of the way. The learning material is concise and easy to follow, we setup your business website for you, and you get guides and plans to use for marketing and running the business. And we are always here to support and guide you at any stage because you are part of our close community.

How It Works

We get you trained, certified, and setup with paying clients in just 4 weeks

WEEK 1-2
The goal of our organization is to empower women. So we don't believe in making you pay for taking this Matchmaker Program. That is why the first step is to find you clients who will sponsor you and pay in advance for your complete program! So, once you submit your application and it has been accepted, we will set up a funding profile for you where potential clients can sponsor you in return for rewards. The rewards are usually discounted fees for your matchmaking services. For example, someone could pay $200 for you to set him up on a date with a potential match once you complete your program, or pay $500 to be set up on 3 dates. Most of our candidates raise between $6,500 and $10,000 over a period of 2 weeks through these payments. The sponsors cover the $4,500 the cost of the program and anything sponsorships over that you will receive as a cash payment through PayPal.

WEEK 3-4
Starting the third week, your will have completed finding the clients to fund you program and you are ready to start learning how to be a matchmaker. The curriculum covers topics related to dating, finding the right clients, and running a business. It includes:

  • Each assignment comes with a step-by-step guide and will help you acquire new skills you need as a successful matchmaker
  • Identify and describe your target market and clients needs
  • Define your personal brand as a matchmaker
  • Define the services you plan on offering and their costs
  • Create a marketing plan to promote your services
  • Create a plan to improve your reputation
  • Find a paying client
  • Interview the new client and prepare a relationship profile for them
  • Setup the paying client on a date with a potential soulmate
  • Create personalized coaching instructions for the client on how to improve their chances during the date
  • Write a code of conduct document for your matchmaking business

The training is done online for 2 weeks using easy-to-follow documentation and guides. At the end of the training, you are required to pass an exam to get certified. If you study the training material well, you will be well-prepared for the exam. During the 2 weeks of training, you need to commit around 3-5 hours each day to study.

Once you have completed your training and certification, we will finalize the set up of your new independent business for you that you own completely and get you started. This involves:

  • Preparing a professional website for your matchmaking business where clients can submit applications, book appointments, and pay for different service packages that you offer
  • Registering a premium domain name for your business website
  • Providing you with a marketing plan that you can follow step by step to reach your first 50 clients and gain ceredibility and recognition in your city

At this point, you are ready to start fulfilling the rewards promised to the clients who paid in advance to help fund your program. You are also ready to follow your marketing plan to acquire new paying clients and get on your way to success!